Welcome to the rollercoaster that is pre-menopause.

Is it a hot flash, or is it a free holiday to a tropic isle at the most inconvenient of times? 

Phytoestrogens support the production of estrogen, charting a smoother course for the premenopausal woman (you!).

The phytoestrogen ‘Hops’, for example, is a lifesaver when it comes to cooling the system and lessening the effects of hot flashes, but it’s also a champion at soothing all over anxiety, allowing your digestive system to function as best it can, against the current of hormonal change.

Hot flash, bathroom flush, DigestLive™ has you covered.

By supporting erratic hormonal changes, certain herbs are able to not only steer the course, but specifically address symptoms of pre-menopause, such as hot flashes, restless sleep and of course, constipation. 

 See your gut for who she is, a unique system that needs a little personalized care.

When you take the right partner on your rollercoaster, it’s more coast, than roll.

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